Welcome The World Of Customization

We believe that no one should compromise on the look and perfect fitting of their curtains and drapes. And so we at Make My Curtain go an extra mile to give you that perfect fit. Check out our step-by-step window treatment measurement guides for the simplest measuring directions around. Be sure to use a metal measuring tape (not a cloth tape or ruler) and to measure all windows even if they look the same. Curtain Measurement Guide

If you've checked out our measure & install guides and are still stumped, don't hesitate to Contact our stylist with any questions that you may have! We would be happy to help, connect with us for Customization: Contact No.+919104468829 (WhatsApp Available For This Number)

  • Which products can be customized: Curtains
  • What can be customized: Width and Height of curtain
  • Return / Exchange : Not allowed for customized orders
  • Payment mode : Have to be prepaid only
  • Delivery Time : Customization takes 5 to 6 days minimum and then transit time of 14-16 days. So overall 15 to 16 days.